Quantifying Patterns

Hello All,

I am trying to quantify patterns on my Facade. unfortunately i cant share images of my actual project but i wanted to be able to quantify my panels in two ways 1) First method the building as a whole. this would go around each row and order them as A1,A2,A3, B1,B2,B3, C1,C2,C3, etc… 2) Second method would be by surface so every time it changed face it would be 1A1,1A2,1A3, 2A1,2A2,2A3, 1B1,1B2,1B3, 2B1,2B2,2B3, etc… the vertical spacing between horizontal lines will be continuous around the facade but the horizontal spacing between vertical line will be very different. Each band will be continuous around the building. There are breaks in the patterns for window and door penetrations.

I have build the components as FaceBased Generic model families.

Any insight on workflow would be greatly appreciated.


Pattern Continuous








Pattern Per Facade

Continuous Pattern