Pythonstuff from Codeacademy and import Revit API

Hello Dynos,

I do some exercises between Revit | Dynamo | Python

1.) How can i output negativ values ? -10, -1.41, …

2.) How can I make a list, which contains “comments”? right now a have a list of 42 (items ?, Comments?,…)

I am glad about any advice, and also some practicle stuff that i can convert to benefits of Workflows

Thank you



remove abs from your function


I don’t understand the question

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Sorry i did not shoot the last script: what is in this “library” clr included?
And why get a 42 “items” listed - Where do the come from? designScript? Revit API?
I have no clue

Neither both it came from "clr"

Thank you,

How can I access the Revit API? also in this way?
or import windows?
What is CLR? The framework of dynamo?

Google is super handy :slightly_smiling_face::


clr is an IronPython built-in module, which provides some functionalities in order to interop with .NET. When writing “import clr” in a python module, it means you intend to leverage the .NET libraries.

You can access this way:

As @MartinSpence google ls super handy :slight_smile: