Python "TinSurface.DeleteLines"


i am creating some automization for creating surfaces to optimize our processes.
It works quite well so far…

But sometimes there is an area inside another area and now i want to delete the surfacelines from the outer surface which are inside of a featureline with a specific name “Innenkante…”.
He should only work on the areas that have an inner edge, the rest should remain the same.


To use the Featureline as an “Inner-Boundary” isn’t working for me.

I know that it is possible with Python, but I’m just starting to learn it and can’t do it by myself.

I need some help :slight_smile:

I have not tried it before
Why not add it as an interior border for surfaces

If you attach an example drawing and code, that would be better

You need TinSurfaceEdge
from the surface