Python Interface


This is just a general question about the python interface in dynamo. When working on python nodes, do people in here actually work in the dynamo python node interface? I ask just because the python node is not very good in terms of a code editor. There are so many things it doesn’t really do (auto indent, auto fill, or display available methods/properties after something like “Line.<methods/properties>” I’m just wondering if there is some other environment people work in while developing python scripts for dynamo that is a little more user-friendly.


Hi @Dennis_Goff

You can use VSCode, PyCharm, Sublime Text, Notepad++, VS…any one of those and copy/paste inside dynamo python editor.

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Moreover you can also write code in these text editors and use combination of nodes like below so you don’t need to copy/paste any more.


This is a nice solution. Also be aware that the graph will probably have to be closed and reopened to reflect any changes made to the file since, as far as Dynamo is concerned, the file hasn’t changed and it won’t re-run that portion of the graph. I think DataShapes may have a force re-run feature, so that may be a viable solution as well, but I haven’t tried it yet.


I use this at the moment and after each save of the file dynamo will reflect the changes made in the file. So you dont have to reopen dynamo for this to work!
The only issue is when i use some functions defined in some other file and file linked into dynamo doesnt change. In this case this wont work.


Good to know. I might start using this method.


Oh I like this idea. I will definitely give this a shot. Thanks!