PYTHON - creating nodes

Hello folks,

I am new to PYTHON scripting , can anybody help me out how do i got ahead learning Python script.

I need to create nodes with specific input and output accordingly, i have no clue where to start.

Any suggestion would be appriciated. Thank you,


I was in your situation a few months ago (February) , so I know how you feel right now. All I can do is tell you how I went about learning.

  1. Get a good book on Python basics or go to

  2. Assuming you are looking to integrate with Revit - download the Revit SDK and get comfortable using the Revit API chm help file.

  3. Download some of the better packages available (Clockwork, Grimshaw, etc), open up their nodes, look at the python scripts, and force yourself to follow the data through the code line by line until you understand how the script works. (Konrad actually has a lot of his posted on his blog as well - After doing this in 10-15 scripts, you should start seeing some trends and have enough examples to fall back on as you start trying to write your own.

  4. As you encounter problems you cant solve, post them here…the community is pretty good about helping.

I would recommend that you start small rather than trying to solve the big problems first. My first few scripts were simple tools to change text formatting and get indexes of matching values from sets of lists. Later you can build up to more robust scripts that really do some heavy lifting.

Good Luck!


Thank you Ben Osborne, This is what i was in need of…