Pyramid structure - rotation angle of the profiles

Hi, I’m trying to program a pyramid in Dynamo for Advance Steel, where L profiles are placed on the 4 sides. Until here my first attempt was successful (see attachments).

Problem makes me the wrong angle of rotation of the individual profiles. The profiles have to be rotated correctly - unfortunately I only know the possibility to rotate all profiles by the same angle at once. How can I globally control the rotation of the individual profiles without making my code too complicated? If there are errors in the code, please make correction notes. I am a beginner … :sunglasses:

Thank you for your ideas in advance

Here you can see how we did a rotation on a repeater family in project Notre Dame.
The trick was to make it double nested, so you could rotate the adaptive points. (thanks again Alfredo)

Pyramyd with Repeaters on Diagonals.rfa (940 KB)
Revit 2020


Thank you very much, that is the idea.
I have to check that, if it’s possible in the Dynamo for Advance Steel.

Best regard

Try this script.

test.dyn (37.4 KB)

Many thanks, it works perfectly