Purge Sheets, Views, Schedules & Links Help

Hi All,

I have been trying to recreate a script that purges all Sheets, views, schedules & RVT / CAD links but I am having trouble. (See attached image for the script I want to recreate)

My first issue is that in the Categories node there does not seem to be a ‘Schedules’ item from the list (it now only shows ‘Schedule Graphics’) is there another way I could find schedules to purge them?

Finally, there is a node from clockworks called document.linksandimports but it will not work with the latest version of Dynamo (2.0.1). Does anybody know if there’s a similar node that would do the same trick?

Thanks for your time!

Revit Purge.dyn (33.8 KB)

Hi all,

To answer my own question, attached is my working ‘Purge all’ script that cleans up all RVT, CAD, Views, Schedules, and Sheets.

Archi-lab & Zebra packages required.


Revit Purge.dyn (47.4 KB)


Do you know of a recent version on the Zebra package for Dynamo 1.3?

I recently downloaded the Zebra package and it seemed to work it Dynamo 1.3.