Publish C# package to manager

Hi guys,

I’ve created a Dynamo extension in C# and I’m trying to publish it in the Package Manager, but I’m having some trouble.

I have my extension’s folder with a bin folder, an extra folder and the pkg.json file.
When I go to Publish New Package in Dynamo and try to add the main folder that contains all the above mentioned folders I cannot select them and add them.

How do I do it?


(something weird happened to my account and I was forced to create a new one)

Hi @ATassera
For publishing extension read this

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Thanks @Kulkul for the link, that’s very useful!

Although, what I don’t understand is how to include folder, such as the extra folder mentioned in the post. Or do I just add all the loose files?

I’ve just put all the files by “Add files” and all went fine. Thanks for the link again :wink:



You can’t really publish folders as far as I know. You add files. Then Package Manager will sort out files into different folders. So if you add a *.dll file it will put it into bin but if you add a *jpg that will be placed under extra. I don’t think there is a mechanism in there that will let you upload entire folders. It’s best to add all of the files to a package, and publish locally. That will create the structure on your local drive so you can verify that it all still works, then publish online.