Project points into surface topography problem


Hello, guys I have a problem, I want to project points into a topography surface, and i think it’s happen some kind of bug,

well i have two sheets from excel with the coordinates of the points and the topography. And it’s ok to get into dynamo the points and the surface, but problem occurs in the node SURFACE.PROJECTINPUTONTO, look what happens:

here the code and as you can see all the points are in the Z axis of the projection of the surface:

I think the problem it’s the complex surface, I tested with a plane surface and went ok…

If someone could help me i would be very thankful

Thanks !



Have you tried other nodes for the projection, like the “point.project” node?


I did this exact routine already with a very similar problem and get much better results using the geometry.intersect node (between the topography and the lines) and extracting the Z values from there. Hope that helps.


Guys sorry for late reply, I did the node point.project but same problem occured, I think it’s a bug because of the complex geometry,
but did something else, what I did is: I created at the same point at lower height than the topography, and create a line, and used the node Geometry intersect to get the points, here’s the code:

Thanks for the reply!