Program run error while loop in for

There was something unusual in my scenario when combined for and while loop?
Thanks everyone.

get rid of[continue] it has no purpose nor grammar in DesignScript

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I noticed that there was a problem in my script does not work as required

It’s like the following example:

file dynamo: filterdyn.dyn (6.5 KB)

@dangthanhnam01.kt199 in imperative code blocks your qualification wont replicate which is why you are only getting 3 items so you should add a nested loop and iterate through the second list:


	for (i in GetKeys(list1) )
		for (j in GetKeys(list2) )
			a1[i][j] = list1[i]==list2[j];
	return = a1;

You could also use Associative DesignScript to do this if you want to avoid all the loops (performance-wise should be quicker):

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Today I used all my time to find out the answer to this problem. Thank you for letting me know this. Thank you very much :cười:

That’s what I thought. Everything was nice. It works perfect. Thank you :relaxed: