Profile PVI Update/Remove

I am new to Dynamo and need some help in Profile PVI update/removal.
I have a list of PVI with respect to the station I am able to add new PVI from “ProfileExtensions.AddPVI” Node
But when my PVI list gets updated/removed it’s not reflected in my Profile, Can anyone please help me to sort this out?

Please post an example drawing and what you have so far to receive the best assistance. May want to flag this as civil 3d category too.

Thanks for your reply please find the attached files.
Chainage.xlsx (8.6 KB)
CreateProfilesAndPVIs.dyn (88.6 KB)
ProfilePVI.dwg (900.8 KB)

Seems to be missing custom definition on this node.

So it looks like if you delete the profile in profile view in CAD and run the script with different data, it updates. So I tried to have the script first delete the profile and then generate the profile again, but it’s giving me weird behavior. Not sure if anyone else wants to chime in but definitely a first time doing this for me too. :joy:

CreateProfilesAndPVIs-SW.dyn (63.1 KB)

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CreateProfilesAndPVIs_hh.dyn (44.7 KB)

Hi @hosneyalaa
Thanks for the reply,
unfortunately, this is not the one I am looking for, it is only adding the station and elevation as per the excel sheet but, If I will delete the station from the Excel sheet then Profile PVI also should be removed from the Model file. Hope you understand my concern

Sounds like you need to collect a list of all PVIs on the profile, remove all of them and then add all of the PVIs based on your excel sheet.

Yes you are correct.

For update

See this codes

Delete pvi

Use the last mothed the station and the level
so as not to make a mistake
Do not delete the first and last pvi

Or as said @WrightEngineering
delete the profile completely And make another one with the same name