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<br class=“Apple-interchange-newline” />Profile insert along a path<br style=“color: #222222;” />I created a path<br style=“color: #222222;” />I put the section<br style=“color: #222222;” />Cornering is not exact<br style=“color: #222222;” />any help ??<br style=“color: #222222;” />Thanks for collaboration

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Sorry there is no demand :

Profile insert along a path
I created a path
I put the section
Cornering is not exact
any help ??
Thanks for collaboration


he method does not work with the formula<br style=“color: #222222;” /><br style=“color: #222222;” />There is another method ??

File: profile-path.dyn


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Hello Alex,

Why do you need to replicate the profile so many times along the path? I presume your end goal is to do a solid by sweep? If you, you only need a single profile:


You only need to do what you’re doing if your profiles are different in some way and you want to loft through them:


I wanted to have one section with the path
This works
Now I try with variable sections
Thanks for collaboration

I have a curve and an arbitrary profile, yet get this problem.

Any thoughts?