Problems with if else and elseif

Dear Dyanmo experts:
Im trying to use if else, and tried to look it up online, and it didn’t work, I didn’t seem to catch the problem with my code, can anyone help me?
I have a list of points and I want to translate each points with different types of lists
for instance:
there are two types of points I want to translated to
LC_P_X = [-10,-10,-5,-5,5,5,10,10]; (for x axis)
LC_P_Y = [0,4,4,5,5,4,4,0]; (for y axis)
HC_P_X = [-4,-4,4,4]; (for x axis)
HC_P_Y = [5,15,15,5]; (for y axis)

but I wanted to be trigger by strings [“a”,“b”,“c”,“d”,“e”] with if else
if I pick “a” then use LX_PY and LC_P_X to translate
if I pick “b”,“c”,“d”,“e” then use HC_P_X and HC_P_Y to translate
others will be null

I am kinda learning right now and I know that maybe I can use a?b:c to do this but I wanted to try to use the if else in order to let me understand about other things like while loop or for loop,
Many Thanks!!

What does the error says? :slight_smile:

sorry for missing the errors, the error says closeparen expected

I think there are at least two problems.

1, you don’t need return = [Imperative], you can just put [Imperative] there.
2, You cannot do x == a, b, c, d. It has to be x == a || b || c || d, see below:

Post withdrawn just means I was completely wrong with what I originally said and wanted it deleted from the history books :joy:

The || is the OR operator. It means if any of those conditions are true, the condition is true. A comma does not work and that is why there is an error ( closeparen expected - it was expecting the if statement to end with a parenthesis but you gave it a comma


sorry but Im new to this what does post withdrawn by author mean?

It just means that the author (kennyb6 in this case) has deleted his post :slight_smile:

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Wow it worked, Thankyou for the help, now I can move on Trying other thing many thanks!!

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