Problem with Surface.ElevationByXY on grid


New user and im trying to get the Z value of a surface at points on a grid.

My problem is that when i input the Y/X points as seen on the image i only get the Z value of the first 0 list. But if i try to insert flatten.list after the point value and before the Surface.Elevation node i only get 1 Z-value and not the 252 that i want. Dont know if it makes sense but maybe someone can help?


So i manage this solution to my problem. Not that elegant but at least its working i guess.

If anyone has any idea for a simpler solution that would still be appreciated, or clarification on my wrong doings :slight_smile:

Adjust your lacing and/or list levels in the first version of the garph. Likely longest lacing is required.

You also could add the Arkance Systems Node Library, in that package you find a node to get Surface points in a grid.


Adding @3 to list.flatten did the trick, thanx!

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