Problem with SteamNodes Schedule.GetCalculatedValues

I’m having a bit of trouble with the Schedule.GetCalculatedValues from the SteamNodes package. I am trying to use an if statement when the result from the node is an empty list. If the list is empty I want to pass a string and if the result produces a result then I want to use the resulting list, however when the result from the Schedule.GetCalculatedValues is an empty list all resulting functions result in an empty list and the IF statement is ignored. I can’t seem to figure it out please help.


Hi Darren,

Change lacing to longest to “List.IsEmpty” & “List.IsNotEmpty”.

Thank Kulkul

I have tried that but it still fails I think it is to do with the output from the Schedule.GetCalculatedValue node.


Can you show me values of “Header(s)” and “Value(s)”.

Please find images below as requested. I am trying to use this test to produce a set result if the “SSSC” does not exist and for it to use the values from the schedule if the “SSSC” column does exist.

Thanks again for your help


I’ve tackled it a different wayto achieve the result I wanted

Fig 1 Heading dosen’t exist in schedule

Fig 2 Heading exists in schedule

Thanks for all your help


Good Job :+1: