Problem with NOD Schedule Sorting Grouping

Hello, dear forumers.
I ask you for help to deal with the node from “Schedule Sorting Grouping”.
I need to sort my schedule by two or three parameters. The Archi-Lab website provides a description of this node. I do everything as described, but it is not sorted by several parameters.
At the same time, if I insert the string “Материал” into the “_parameterName” value of the node, sorting by one parameter, then the schedule is sorted as it should. But as soon as I create a list of strings, then according to the instructions, it is necessary that the parameters in the list be of the same length, and this method does not suit me. Therefore, I’m trying to do as in the instructions through the “Code block” node.
What’s my mistake?
Revit 2022
Dynamo Core
Dynamo Revit
Thanks a lot!