Problem With All.IndicesOf Node

Hi All,

I’m having some troubles with the All.IndicesOf node when I ask for a specific list of elements to search.

I don’t know what am I missing here. My algorithm is to select the wall elements, get the name of the “Top Constraint” and work with the name structure and chnge it to a “-5,-4,-3…1,2,3…” structure, when “-” represent the underground levels.

Thanks in advance…

Try Lacing Longest

@truevis I’ve tried that… similar result…

Does it work with a single number for ‘item’?

The numbers that come from the string are probably doubles instead of integers. That’s why it can’t find them with IndicesOf.
You need to somehow convert those strings to integers instead of doubles,

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similar result…

@T_Pover Thaks, i’ll try something. Is there a Node for that?

You could do something like this:

@T_Pover Thanks for the solution! Nice how to handle withe “S” character.