List all indices

As I’m a complete novice I’m looking for some help. Ive spent a good hour trying to solve this problem without success.
Basically I’m extracting a list of levels to the top of my floor slabs. I then want to get ALL the indices of a specific level. (-9100 in this case)
As you can see the list is empty at the moment. I’m thinking maybe its something to do with the fact that Ive rounded the levels as theyre not whole numbers (for some reason)
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

You can use a codeblock with x=="-9100" (if the -9100 is a string otherwise remove ").

And then use a List.FilterbyBoolmask to filter the results. :slight_smile: (The output of the codeblock is your keys.)



I think you should use List Levels. Simply click the arrow next to the list input of List.AllIndicesOf and put it on @L2.

Or you could skip creating a nested list:


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So to clarify,

the pink highlighted area is working fine - it is telling me the index number of all the floors that have the words “mass concrete” in the comments.

The part that’s not doing what I want is where I want the index number of all the floors at -9100.

see image below.

Thank you for your time on this.

As said @Jonathan.Olesen :

Unfortunately that doesn’t seem to make any difference. :sob:

I would do like this then, exchange 3 with -9100.0:

Please show your graph with all the nodes preview turned on… It is really surpising that this does not work.

It might be that the parameter is in fact a “string” or more likely a “double” and you’re comparing it with an integer :wink: try this:
image to check your object.type.

OBS there is difference between integers and doubles… you’re comparing the two…


Argh! This drove me nutz for a couple hours tonight… I had to compare a 0 to 0.0!!