Problem to use Zerotouch with genrative tools

I have a problem in genrative tools. it do not use Zerotouch node build it by C#
i test with simple node to sum two number.
in Dynamo it work and i have the result but when i run the dynmao throw genrative tool it did not used it. the script did not activate the node.
this problem is new. i used befor zerotouch node inside dynamo and work perfect with generativ tools.
i tested with revit 2022 dynamo 2.10 and with revit 2023 dynamo 2.13


Also I tested it with Python code and work the problem only with Zerotouch node

Does your ZT node reference any Revit libraries?

Also, you might need a remember node right after that test.rr node

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@john_pierson thank you for reply

my ZT node did not reference any Revit libraries.

i try to creat new c# file to test and make sure i do not load any revit dll

Which Revit version are you in? Is your package a custom package already that is getting bundled in the .dependencies folder?

If you just did “import DLL” it will not recognize the custom nodes. The custom DLL needs bundled in a package with a json file and all that.


Thanks @john_pierson its work after i convert DLL to revit package :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:

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