Problem script dynamo import excell to revit


I made a script to be able to send data from an excel on Revit. My script always worked fine until it showed me this problem (see image). I have the impression that there is a folder missing in the packages, but when I check the file, the “archilab” file is present… does anyone have any idea what the problem is?

thank you in advance


I guess the node is older that you’re package.
Try to search the node in you’re archilab package en replace it :slight_smile:

thank you vanasselt. I get another error message:
“Internal error, please sign: removing reference to non-pointer element”.

Do you have a solution?

You need to install the right archi-lab for your Revit build. The last two numbers should align with the last two numbers of your Revit year, so in this case you’re loading Archilab-lab for Revit 2017. Uninstall all things Archilab-lab for this Dynamo version, restart Revit, and then try installing the right version and see if that fixes it.

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