Problem renaming system families using Element.SetName (Clockwork 2.1.2)

This may be one for @Andreas_Dieckmann as it’s a Clockwork node.

I have a script that works fine in Dynamo 1.3.4 for renaming system families using the Element.SetName node. However when I run it in 2.0.1 I consistently fails. I’ve looked at the Pyhton Script but it’s too far beyond my knowledge to understand how it’s working or why it’s not.

Has anyone else experienced this and does anyone have a solution?

Just to rule out the option I tried SetParameterByName but this, as expected, failed in both graphs with an error indicating the parameter was read only.

The attached image show the successful 1.3.4 graph and the unsuccessful 2.0.1.

This may have already been fixed in Clockwork for Dynamo 2.1.2

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I will check and see. Thanks for the response.