Problem linking Rooms parameters values to related objects (floor, walls, ceilings) parameters value

Hello to everybody. It’s been a week that i’m trying to resolve this problem:

I have to take the values of the ROOMS parameters and to link them to other element’s parameters (that are related with the specific room). In particular, i have to link the following parameters’ values:

ROOM parameter: “Floor finish” -> FLOOR parameter: “Floor finish”
ROOM parameter: “Base finish” -> CEILING parameter: “Ceiling finish”
ROOM parameter: “Wall finish” -> WALL parameter: “Wall finish”

All of the objects parameters (FLOOR, CEILING, WALLS) are new project parameters created by me.

The problem is that the Dynamo script let me fill the value of the object parameters by the corresponding value of the room parameters, but actually the rooms and the objects (FLOOR, CEILING, WALL) are not related by the coordinates in revit, and it seems they are connected casually.
So the result is that i have values for the FLOOR parameter “Floor finish” that non correspond to the real values of the parameter “Floor finish” of the ROOM it belong. And it’s the same for the other category of elements.

I will appreciate all advices you will give! Thank you :slight_smile: