Probably a loop...?

Hi there, see attached graph.

This works. The section boxes on the left are applied to the duplicated views, and saved as images.

However, as written, this graph creates all the views at once, then applies the section box to each and export.

The problem is for more than few hundred views, the scripts runs out of memory…

I need to duplicate one view at time and then apply the next crop box, regenerate and export, (and then delete that view).

Would a loop allow me to do that?

Otherwise, should I create a custom node, which takes one view and the list of crops and: copies the view, applies the crop, exports view and deletes it, then does the same for all crops in the input list?

I am cooked… can’t focus no more… :slight_smile:

Thank you!


I think the most hassle-free solution would be a python node, in which you input a view and a list of section boxes, so the node iterates over each section box, updates the view, regenerates the doc, and exports image, and goes to next section box…

archi-lab has a node for exporting views as image, with python; you can copy/edit the python script easily into a node specific for your use (you will need one additional input for section boxes, and of course the for loop as explained above)