Printing without opening the file

I am having issues with a dynamo script. I am trying to print sheets from several files without opening them, like opening in the background.

For some reason nothing is printing, not sure what is the issue, if the “views” set or the print setting or everything.

Also I would like to be able to change the name of the file, I saw that there is another node from archilab where you have an “out” outbound and can put a passthrough node.

Hi @dcairopresepi,

It is only possible with the Print PDF in Document (multiple formats) fro the Genius Loci package.
The document open in background must be one of the inputs.

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Hi @Alban_de_Chasteigner,

I tried with “Print PDF in Document” and still isnt working, I dont get any error, but it is not printing anything.

You know what could be happening?


Without seeing any graph and previews under the nodes. The answer is no.

Yes, you are right.
Here I upload my script

Print_PDF_02.dyn (46.0 KB)


Your graph isn’t correct.

You must generate a filepath (= pdf filename) for each sheet.

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Hi Alban,
The information that you give me solved my problem and the script is kind of working.
But not perfect, it is only printing one sheet instead of the set of sheets.
Do you know what could it be happening??
I attached my script

Print_PDF_WIP.dyn (49.1 KB)