Print Sheets from Drawing Schedule - Sharing DYN file

This post is simply to share a file with the Dynamo forum. I couldn’t have made it without your help (especially @Nick_Boyts).
This Dynamo script will extract the list of sheets from your Drawing Index (sheet schedule) and print them in that order as well as make a combined PDF.

For those who use it, you will have to tailor it to your system. A few things that may need changed:

  • Drawing Index title (scheduleView)
  • PrintSettings
  • PrinterName
  • Directory Path (Set to current user Documents folder now)

Print PDF from Drawing Schedule.dyn (77.6 KB)


(This didn’t work out very well, see post below.)
This is an updated file which will wait for final pdf creation before merging. (On larger print jobs, it would skip the last PDF because the Print PDF node would trigger “Success” before the last PDF would finish printing.) The image shows the additional group.
Print PDF from Drawing Schedule v2.dyn (86.1 KB)

The above solution didn’t quite work (I did test it, and it worked the first time.). So, I eliminated the green group above and replaced it with a simple 10 second pause timer.

Print PDF from Drawing Schedule v3.dyn (80.9 KB)

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Thanks for sharing script.
But when I am trying to open each version, dynamo and revit crashes.
Could you please show the script on image, especially right part of it (after printing PDF)? I have dynamo 2.02

Here’s the pics (Dynamo 2.3 Revit):
Note: You can eliminate “Create View Set” group. That may be the cause if you’re not using revit.

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I’ve added a group to clear out all PDFs within the destination folder prior to creation of new PDFs.

Print PDF from Drawing Schedule v4.dyn (94.4 KB)

By the way, you will need the following packages:
spring nodes

This update may not be for everyone. I’ve added two groups that send one test plot before sending the whole set. If the test plot succeeds, it will be deleted, and will then continue to plot the whole set. If the test plot fails, the process will cease. This is to avoid getting an error for each page sent. The reason I needed this is that we use Adobe PDF which may not be active if I fail to log-in before printing.

Print PDF from Drawing Schedule v5.dyn (186.3 KB)

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Update v6 (for those who want a test plot, if not see version 4 above):
I relocated the “Delete PDF” group to the front. This will clear out the folder before any other process begins. I also changed the way that the Sheets category is called. It now uses a string called “Sheets” with category by name node instead of the category pulldown menu (this was to “future proof” category selection in case category structure is changed in future Revit releases.)
Print PDF from Drawing Schedule v6.dyn (195.5 KB)