Points on straight line to intersect a non parallel line

Hi there,
I have two lines that are not parallel. On one line i have used a segment division node to place points.
I now need to intersect these points onto the adjacent line which is not parallel.
My guess is you can do this by doing a work plane intersect but i’m struggling to find the nodes to do this.
Or maybe it’s something far more simple.

Any thoughts would be great.

Try the Plane.AtParameter node instead of dividing your first curve into segments. It will give you planes that you can use to intersect your second curve.

Smashing! Works like a charm.

Hello there I think I have the same problem.
Could you help me please by sending me a script or a picture of the solution.
I’am really new to this and you would help me a lot.

This post has been solved and is over a year old. Please start a new one with some illustration indicating what you want and an example of what you have tried/where you are stuck.

Yes JacobSmall,

In the description below some more information. I’m really new to dynamo.

I have created these points along the edge of a surface. I want to create lines perpendicular to these points so that they intersect with the opposite edge. (I’ve drawn them red in the picture below.)

My question is how can I create these lines? (Below my script)


Do you maybe have an idea how this can be done.

SurfaceGridVV5.dyn (4.3 KB)