Points on 3D alignment line from centroid of all elements

Hello All,

What I’m trying to do here is to have points on a tunnel 3D alignment line from all the centroid of elements so as to get the chainage of that where that element is located?

Please find the below sketch for a visual explanation-

red x is element centroid
black is alignment line
blue is tunnel extents
red circle are the points which I need to extract
which is perpendicular from the element centroid. (closest point on alignment)

Please let me know if anyone have any approach or idea.
Thanks in advance,

Atharva Purohit

Seems like the Geometry.ClosestPointTo node will solve this.

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Thank you for prompt reply Jacob!
It worked.


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Hi Jacob,
will this method work with a polycurve?
Actually i’ve a list of coordinates, and i’m trying to create a polycurve out of it so as to get a single curve and then use this method. But the points are coming very far. (by Geo.closPntTo)
If you have some suggestion, it will be great!


Should work fine. If it fails you can post back here showing what is failing and I’ll see what I can do.