Point of vector intersection with face

Hello everyone,

I am trying to recreate an outdated glare study tool by Zach Kron (link below). I successfully rewrote most of it in dynamo 0.9, but am stuck with trying to locate points of intersection between vector (or curve) and a surface (or plane). In the video this is achieved with the “curve face intersection” node. I cant find any current nodes that can do this. Clockwork’s “plane-vector intersection” node works but seems to be unable to process a list of vectors, which is kinda the whole point.

Anyone ever encountered this problem?

Glare study tool:

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For some reason geometry.intersect returns only one point, maybe you know why is that happening?

On another note, I am trying to locate intersection points between the lines and the ground plane as in the image below. Is it possible to have only the intersection points visible and hide the lines?

Change the lacing on Geometry.Intersect to Longest and see if it works.

To switch off visibility of the lines select the node/s that generate the lines and un-check Preview from the right click menu


The lacing was indeed the problem.

Many Thanks!