Please tell me how to use the Assembly.AddSubAssembly node

I use Civil 3D Toolkit. very convenient.
I need an assembly to create a corridor and I want to add a subassembly to that assembly, but I don’t know the input groupName, hookSubassembly, or hookpoint.
please tell me.

Hi, see the images below :



Thank you for your politeness.
I will refer to the above.


i was trying to create a assembly and subassembly using dynamo with above reference. But getting bellow error. (Please note this is a blank assembly and i am attaching it to a Left group ) My assumption was it will create a group if assembly group is blank please correct me if i am wrong.

can you please also explain little bit more about import stock subassembly node - Pardon my ignorance but from where to get the “Tool name” input for imported subassemblies



The node does create a groupe if it doesn’t exist. “Dereferencing a non-pointer”. My guess is that if you check the log file, it would say something like this : " ERROR: Could not find unassigned subassembly 'LaneSuperelevationAOR".

The import stock subassembly node adds the subassembly to the drawing (if you dont specify a point it will add it to the origin) and the Assembly.AddSubassembly node, assigns the previously added stock subassembly to the assembly (using its nickname).

The tool name corresponds to the tool palette category


David, good afternoon! Does the mechanism only works with Stock subassemblies? i have impoted my own .pkt, have same error ( dereferencing a nonpointer) , my subassembly was imported
Thank you!