Placing family on the spot from dwg file


I am pretty new with Dynamo…

My first bigger problem that I can not find solution is
with other words I WOULD LIKE TO REPLACE BLOCK WITH FAMILIES. IS that possible with existing nodes or I must start studing Python?


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Hi @adnandj ,
you could extract the coordinates of blocs from autocad with EATTEXT command to excell then get those coordinates in dynamo and place your families with FamilyInstance.ByPoint or FamilyInstance.ByPointAndLevel … I think what is already available should be enough no need to code.


Thank you very much for idea!

Have you succeeded with the idea?
I came up to the same task and trying to get this done…
Could you please share how your script works and which steps there are?

EATTEXT is a great tool in autocad. Just used it the first time and got a huge excel file. I filtered the name of the block and it´s coordinates. With this info in excel I was able to place a family at the coordinates of the blocks.

There will be a problem if the blocks ar rotated, but in my case it is ok.



Haven’t tried EATTEXT but DATAEXTRACTION produces a customized excel output (only the fields and elements you want are exported) which can also get the values you need.

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Thanks for your replies!
Still crunching the concept…

Hello Johannes,

you can export the rotation of the block too, no?

it is among the paramters you can (not) filter.

Can you please share the script “Excell auslesen …bis zum Famile Plazieren” with me?

Vielen Dank!



Hi, @Johannes_Meiners. Used your script and worked great. Thanks… I had this same issue and your tip encouraged me to finally start using Dynamo. Thanks, again!!

In the end I even tweaked it and added a simple coordinate system transformation (just a subtraction to the x,y,z values).

Hi, @JacobSmall, great tip. Very appropriate for this issue. First time I’ve used. Thanks.

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Great graph, I tested here and will start using as well!

Question @Johannes_Meiners @JacobSmall: In order for it to work, the Revit-Families and AutoCAD Blocks need to be identical, which includes the origin Point (0-Point), right? Cheers!

Hello Fabiana,

yes they must have same origin point. Otherwise you will have to convert coordinate system.

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Thanks Deniz! What do you mean with convert coordinate system? I just wonder - because we want to use this to replace MEP-Blocks we get from engineers as a dwg-file, what happens if they for some reason move the origin of their blocks - would we have to adapt our families accordinly? Thanks!

I have generally infrastructure projects and in that projects are objects always in world coordinates. (In DWG files). Because of geometric restriction of Revit we have to use project base point to work in WCS. If you get an object from a DWG files in WCS, you will have to convert coordinate system related to project base system (basically world coordinates - project base point). If they used another origin point you will have to ask for it…

Thanks! There’s only one problem now with the Rotation - it seems like AutoCAD rotates ClockWise and Revit Counter ClockWise, is that possible? :woozy_face:

Why do you need to rotate actually?

we are currently working on a building which has several diagonal corridors. The familys are paralell to the walls and therefore rotated in this areas… I also noticed that, once we mirror a Family in AutoCAD, the placement in Revit doesnt work either, which makes sense but is not very practical, as we would have to double check the MEP-File every time before running the graph…

Not just possible, but although my memory is foggy on this one I think it’s a correct statement that Revit rotates counter clockwise while AutoCAD (and a few other tested softwares) rotates clockwise (again my directions may be reversed - this is a memory form 3 years or so back). I recall a code block like RevRot = 360-CadRot; is the fix.

I do not have a why for this, other than perhaps that the rotation settings in Revit likely predate the acquisition by Autodesk and therefore it wouldn’t necessarily align except by circumstance.

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May I know ToDouble is what package ?