Placing family based on Key

I need to place family based on pipe diameter.

Any help is appreciated…!

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Is it what you are trying to achieve ?

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I am sorry. I am new to dynamo. I really dont understand what you are doing.

I am trying to place pipe sleeve family based on pipe size. if pipe size is 2" then use 2" sleeve family, 3" then 3" sleeve family and so on…

Please advise how to accomplish that.

thank you so much for your time.

We all were new to Dynamo at some point ! What matters is how clear the problem is explained, and what has been tried already.

Using your first graph where you sorted the pipes by diameter it seems (in the code blocks), you then can place the family like I showed you. All you have to do is place the right sleeve family with the diameter you want.

I recreated a similar script with a filter at the beginning, and added a way to turn the sleeve so it matches the pipe’s angle.

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But we still cant change this family based on pipe size. correct?

How to change this family based on pipe size? If its hard way then I can copy and paste these groups to suit my need.

And I really appreciate your help! Thank you so much.

Either you copy the filter at the begining of the script multiple times, or you can select the family type by comparing one of its parameters with the size of your pipe.
Here I compare the size of the elements i want to put a sleeve on (say pipes) and the size of sleeves by looking in the family type. Then you compare, watch out for data format and to set a “List by level” on the FilterbyBoolMask node.


Thank you. Really appreciated your answers. :slight_smile: