Placing families with condition

Hello everyone,

Lets say that I have two elements in the family (different footing sizes). I want to place one of those element on a point depending if I write 1800 or 2400 in a string node. I used ‘if’ node to create a condition which used different set of nodes.

The problem is that dynamo places 3 components in general. I know that I can just place one footing and change it parameters but it is not the case.
I want to do something similar with plates family one will be a circle shape and the other one will be a rectangle. I want somehow make dynamo just to use one path of nodes depending what I want.
Is it possible to do? Maybe I should use different set of nodes.

Thanks in advance.


when you use FamilyInstance.ByCoordinates, you’re already placing the components in your project.
The “if” node should be used to obtain the right family type given an input. That family type should then be used to create the familyinstance. In your case, since you have two conditions, I think you’ll need 2 “if” nodes . Something like this:

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wow thanks guys very much for the solutions both ways are working.

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