If Node and two conditions


Hi all :slight_smile: my name is Paul.

I would like to ask about “IF Node”. I have problem with connect two conditions

for example:

if x>=y than equation A

If x<y than equation B

like screen shows:

resalt from equation i want to put into family parameter.



A method i’m pretty fond of is using a filterbyboolmask. Below I show two examples of output. “IN” is the result you want to tie to the family parameter.






A simple example





Thanks a lot for a quick <span style=“color: #545454;”>response</span> :slight_smile:

Im preparing Duct Fittings Area Calculator according to DIN 18379, I want to implement this values into schedule.

Revit + Dynamo for Mep Service this is interesting for me.




Pawel, you can ask your questions on site dynamobim.ru