Place to share Dynamo nodes?


Hi all,

Is there a place to share user nodes for Dynamo?

I've put some up on my blog recently, but it might be useful to have a central repository?



Agreed! Would be great to have a resource-sharing portal...

Wondering if there is any documentation about current Dynamo Nodes? I am interested in creating a Dynamo definition that streamlines placing adaptive components on a face (mass family). This would allow to place ACs in Revit environment using Mass as scaffold- (the closest example is Chameleon functionality with placing adaptive components on Grasshopper-defined geometry/ see image)




Hi Matt,

I'm sorry I missed your reply.

Yes, I guess I was thinking of something like Autodesk Exchange Apps, where the user nodes would be at the forefront, easily searchable, etc. Do you have a sense of how many people are actively working in Dynamo?

Regarding my learning process, my Revit coding background is straightforward C#. William Lopez Campo gave a demonstration of RevitPythonShell at our Revit User Group, MRUG, and I then volunteered to demo Dynamo at the September meeting, as a perhaps more approachable technique.

As you can see from the examples on the blog, it's been a step-by-step process. I picked on Nathan Miller's RevitPythonShell examples as a good model to follow, since he starts with basic techniques and extends them out in interesting directions.

I'm intrigued by the way in which you have to decompose problems differently for Dynamo as opposed to, say, C#. Some patterns seem to be emerging, such as the Map-node-driving-user-node combination. I'm also interested in the ways in which you can use Dynamo to create the same structures (design intent?) in Revit as you would create through the UI. Placing refpoints on driven points' refplanes for example, rather than simply brute force setting XYZ coordinates. That's still an area of exploration.



Hi David,

I agree we need a central place to share content and have conversations. Some combination of blogging and forums seems the right way to do that. This NING site has great forum technology and supports attachments. Ning also has a blog/group feature if you want to use this instead of your own.

The examples on your blog are very compelling, I'd like to hear more about your learning process in Dynamo and Python.