Place Spot Elevation for elements

Hello everyone, I’m trying to place spot elevations for the elements in model but I don’t know why it doesn’t work. Please help me with this. I’ll be appreciated with your advices. Thank you.

I have two scripts for extracting the X,Y,Z coordinates of a placed model element. You can try reverse engineering those to place your points.

Select ONE Family Instance_Get Coordinates.dyn (12.7 KB)

Select ALL Family Instances_Get Coordinates.dyn (11.8 KB)

@Bill_Mutert Pardon me, I don’t get it. I can get the coordinates of the placed element model as shown in the screenshot. The problem is the out put is null without any warnings and I don’t know why. Can you explain more specifically?

I think there is another conversion node needed between Geometry and Point for the selection input and I don’t see a Z-Axis input for your Vector nodes. I am not familiar with “Bend” and “End” myself, they sound like the arrow and landing points on a leader to me which would not have a Z-axis since they are a plan based annotation.

Oh, now I got your point. But in my opinion, it’s just a annotation so the Z point doesn’t matter. Plus, when I set “False” value to the input “hasLeader” which means the leader will be disable so the “bend” and “end” won’t be a problem anymore.