Place new family instance each run


@Emi @GregX There are some custom nodes that places family instances in each run. One of the possible way is to use “FamilyInstanceByPointinTrasaction” from Bakery package.

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Using Dynamo to place Mechanical Families

Another option is to use clockwork copytolevel to save copies of each instance.


Hi @Michael_Kirschner Could you please show where can i find node serialization data inside dyn file. Thanks :slight_smile:


It’s as shown below if I’m not mistaken. If you delete this you can open the .dyn file in dynamo and run again without deleting the previously created geometry. But then you have run it again and new trace data have been created.

FamilyInstance.ByPointAndLevel Bug?

Thanks @jostein_olsen I tried to remove and run the dyn file. It doesn’t work :frowning:


Hello @Kulkul!

I am trying to use this node to allow me to place several hanger instance along a pipe, reading rotation, elevation and other parameters and writing onto the new instances.

Now the “FamilyInstanceByPointinTrasaction” works for one instance per run?

What can I modify in the script to make it work for multiple instances?




FamilyInstance.ByPoint overwrites