Place family instances deleting with multiple selections

Hi Everyone,

I have a script here that I am using to place my strut rack family along a selection of cable tray. I am using a filter to shut off the cable tray fittings and letting dynamo create points at 5’0" increments and asking dynamo to place that strut rack family at those points. My issue is once I make a selection and dynamo places my families if I were to make a new selection dynamo deletes the families that were placed in the previous selection. Is there a way to run this script multiple times on multiple selections?

Cable Tray Strut RackV1.dyn (311.5 KB)

Hi @mnewton

Why don’t you select all at once?

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Good question. When we are in coordination we might change the size of the cable tray or add cable tray and once hangers have been coordinated the users are not going to want them to move or change in any way while still having the ability to add hangers to new cable tray runs. Hope that makes sense.

Try using “FamilyInstanceByPointinTrasaction” from Bakery package. It places a new family in each run without deleting the old ones Place new family instance each run

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That works! Thanks for the help Kulkul that was perfect!

Well I take that back it worked once then when i ran the script on a new project the whole script went crazy on me. all of the parameters in yellow are saying differing in a non pointer. Not sure how adding that one node to the equation messed the whole thing up.

Forgot the snapshot

@mnewton show us complete graph showing warnings of each node. It would be better if you can just drop rvt and dyn files here. Thanks :slight_smile:

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Kulkuk, I will drop you a PM with the scrip and strut rack family. I tried uploading the project with some cable tray in it and I cant get the file small enough to upload on here.