Place multiple TextNotes

Hi Dyn community,

I can place a TextNote with Archi-lab Nodes (TextNote.ByViewPointAndType), but not multiple TextNotes.
I can place multiple TextNote with ClockWorks Nodes (TextNote.ByStringAndPosition), but although those are placed, at the node list appear “null”

I want to place several TextNote cause I want to achieve some sort of legend like that.

One Problem with TextNote with ClockWorks is that everytime I run the node, new TextNotes will be created and placed, insted of overwritten, and then I have the same information more than one, which is not desired.
Any Ideas? Thanks in advance.
Textnote Platzieren_Dynamobim.dyn (12.0 KB)

For Archi-lab, try setting the lacing to longest.
For Clockwork, check Revit to confirm that the notes weren’t created.

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Hi @igpema

Use @ List Level for to place multiple TextNotes.

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It was as easy as changing the lacing to longest :slight_smile: