Place filled Region Type

Hi Dynamo community,

I am trying to place filled regions on a sheet (legend) but I have no clue unfortunatelly.
Any Ideas?
Thanks in Advance! :slight_smile:
The Skript:

The Legend:

Place Filled Region Type.dyn (5.6 KB)

What does the error says?

I think its because of circle. Try converting circle to curve using Curve.Approximatewith Arc (Haven’t tried with circle though)


Thanks Kulkul,
It doesnt work with a rectangle either…
Error (translating from german…): Imputs typs doesnt match. No version from ByCurves found, the Argument´s Typ (Revit.Elements.element, Autodesk.DesignScript.Gometry.Rectangle,__array) doesnt work out.

Mmm… Try creating rectangle shape model lines and extract curves and then join the curves with polycurve.byjoinedcurves node. See if that works!

@igpema Make sure you convert polycurve to curves. I have tested one and it works as expected.

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And this is how you create filled region by circle.


Hi KulKul,

Thanks again for the quick answer, actually it should work, but I am doing something wrong cause … it doesnt. I Changed the view as well as the filled Region Type but nothing…
Thanks in advance (i will keep trying)

I’m having the same issues with The “region Type” Input

Here’s the warning:
“Warning: One or more of the input types are not matching. Couldn’t find a version of ByCurves that takes arguments of type (Revit.Elements.Element,__array,Revit.Elements.FilledRegionType)”

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@Michael_Waring @igpema Try using Python then FilledRegion.dyn (5.7 KB)


Oh yeah Kulkul,
great job! it works!

Could you please paste the code also? Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @Yna_Db

I have already pasted the whole dyn script on top may be you haven’t seen that.

I prefer to avoid downloading files if you don’t mind, and I am sure that pasting the code it useful to any discussion about it if needed. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello Kulkul or Dyn. Community,

Unfortunatelly I still can not write with Python (I start a 6 months course in two weeks :wink: )
But due to this fact, I am stuck on the issue that I want to apply more filled region types to the script, but the Python node doesnt allow it.
How could it be possible?
what I want:

and what I can do so far…

and the script:

Place filled Region Type with Python.dyn (14.5 KB)
Thanks in advance!

Please paste your code and try to identify the part you would need to modify. You can do it this way:

See this optionally:

The solution :slight_smile:

Place filled Region Type with Python_02.dyn (16.4 KB)


Thank you for this nice *.dyn.

I change it a little bit for us to place all FilledRegionTypes in a Drafting View.

Next Steps could be, tag them with Type-Name and how many Elements in project. But this next time :slight_smile:
Place all FilledRegionTypes in File on a DraftingView_variabel.dyn (37.3 KB)