Place familiy items in specified area

HI, I have got a scenario from Interior Design. I have 3 specific areas and I have 12 different family items (furniture) which need to be placed to those areas. Some items can only be placed in one zone while others can have multiple options. I would like to know whether Dynamo can help to assign those items properly?

Yes dynamo can help.

Get the list of family items and the rooms they are in in excel or other readable list format (csv). Better yet have the designer write the list themself in a new parameter (place in these rooms) for each family.

Filter all rooms by the room unique room names in the listed format, so you aren’t looking at the 50% or so of rooms without any families in them.

Replace the list of rooms with the room names.

Get the location of the room names.

Place the family by type at the location of the room.

This has a few assumptions, and isn’t an easy ine though as there are a lot of matching/coordinating/filtering issues to be had. And any family which isn’t point based will fail unless you somehow make the rooms point a line or whatever the family wants.

Good luck.