Place existing views on existing sheets with excel list


Trying to find a graph that help me put views on existing sheets.
My revit model contains 100s of views, and I need to place certain views on certain sheets.
I have created a excel list of view and relevant sheets, but struggling to find a way of placing the view on sheets.
I used SteamNodes Tool.PlaceViewsOnSheets and getting null values
similar to this, but reading from excel

Can you show us what you have, so we can help?

Best way to do this would be to show all previews on the nodes too.

The most obvious issue is that you are not passing “views” but rather a string value from your excel document :slight_smile:

is there anyway to convert it. I have tried to select all views and filter, but as the views are random there is no easy way to filter, this is way i used excel.
Will creating a view set work!?
Thanks for your help

maybe compare the view name with the excel list and use the == node?

Just tried the Tool.PlaceViewsonExistingSheets in a sample project using Sheets and views nodes to pick a sheet and view, still comes up will “null”, !!!:confounded: