Place Color Fill Legend On Views


So have many many floor plans, I would like to place / copy the color fill legend to each of them in the same place, it seems this isn’t possible? Would anyone have any clever suggestions?

To place the legend is a postable command so not much use.

The legend’s workset is the view’s workset, I wondered if that helps? But I don’t know how I might copy between the 2…

If this doesn’t work I could get Dynamo to auto create a Legend View with filled regions and place that? But then the Dynamo will need to be run before each drawing issue.

All suggestions gratefully received!



It looks like the legend is just an element so it might be as easy as creating a new instance for each of your views… I’d be a little surprised if there were no additional steps, but it’s worth a shot. Does Paste Aligned to Views work in Revit?

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Good shout, yes you were thinking faster than me :smiley: