Place blocks in a list of points

Is there any way to place blocks in positions token from list of points ?

BlockReference.Create or BlockReference.ByCoordinateSystem

PlaceBlocksByPoints_2.dyn (30.2 KB)

Thanks so much, I believe it’s sufficient.
But I still have a query, if I wanna do it by BlockReference.ByCoordinateSystem node, what should be the input of the coordinate system ( dynamo script is attached)

The input should be a coordinate system. You may want to do some reading on the Primer if you’re unfamiliar.

Will do some reading, appreciate if you can refer to more detailed resources


The first thing that comes to mind is the Alignment.CoordinateSystemByStationOffset, which is helpful for converting station + offset to a point.

In this case, I don’t have alignment to follow it’s coordination system unfortunately

An alignment isn’t required to produce a coordinate system for the BlockReference.ByCoordinateSystem node. You can use the CoordinateSystem.ByOrigin node to output a coordinate system with dynamo points as your input. This produces the same result as using the BlockReference.Create node

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That’s pretty awesome, thanks mate