Place a view on-top-of existing view on a sheet - in exact same position

I am trying to place a Plan view on a sheet where a view already exist. The second view should be placed on-top-of the existing view on the sheet.
For example, I have a Level 2 on the sheet but would like to place a Level 3 on the same sheet in the exact same position.

The attached script adds the view to the sheet but I can’t figure out how to make it align with the existing view (already on the sheet).
Even if I use scope boxes to crop the views the Grid can be changed individually between the views.

Any suggestion wold be appreciated.

JHTest_PlaceViewOnSheet.dyn (34.2 KB)

You could temporally turn off all the grids and other datum elements in the views. If you are using scope boxes all the view will then be the same. Once Placed you could turn grids back on. However if the views are on top of each other and grids are on in both views the bubbles of each view most likely will not line up and you will have misaligned gird bubbles. Another option is to use the Propagate extents tool and force the Grids to all be the same before placing the view.

Thank you -
Having a close look at this you can;t only tun off Grid lines. For example if the view has sections they will affect the size of the crop area as well.
I guess all Annotations can be turned off and then a viewtemplae can be re-applied.