Piping System Type- Clear Overrides

I would like to be able to have dynamo clear graphic overrides for all Piping System Types, but I can’t find a node that does it. I can easily get all the Types and using the MEPover package nodes Mechanical System Graphic Override set *, I can set the override, but I’m not sure how to go about clearing the overrides. Can anyone get me pointed in the right direction?.

Using the node BuiltInParameter.ByName, I get RBS_SYSTEM_OVERRIDE_GRAPHICS_PARAM which seems like it would be relevent. I tried Get Built In Parameter passing the parameter name above with the PipingSystemType as element, but I get null value. And although image shows BuiltInParameters connected to ParameterNames, I also tried ParameterNames connected to ParameterNames with the same result.

Hey Nelson!
Were you able to resolve this?
I’m having the same issue.

Hey Brad, I checked and am not seeing that I ever figured this out. I think our MEP guys decided to go in a different direction, so I dropped it. Sorry I can’t be of more help!

Hi Nelson and @bradshales1,

Use the Reset SystemType Properties node in Genius Loci package.

Example :

Thanks so guys for the feedback.
It’s much appreciated.
GL worked a treat.

and that, my friends, is why you ask a question re: a 2+ year old post! Thanks @Alban_de_Chasteigner!

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