Pipe number

Hello everyone, I have a question and I do not know if it is possible to automate.

I need to create an assembly number that identifies each tube that has a different length and diameter with a different code.

so that on the table I can extract the quantities of the repeated parts.

I just have not the slightest idea how to get started.

Guys, I can even identify the tubes. But I can not move forward.


Try this

Dear friend, it worked! Thank you very much, to be able to evolve my routine more, but now I have another problem.

The sections of tubes that have the same length and diameter are not getting the same numbering. It is the same item copied and it adds with a new numbering.

Sorry for the errors, I’m using the translator.

follows the photo of the complete routine.


basically I wanted the equal values ​​to be quantified as a single object


Use List.UniqueItems node.