Pipe network - structure diagram

Hi All,

Looking for some advice to see if this would be technically possible in dynamo before trying to do it.

I want to create a new structure table for pipe network structures, very similar to the current ones but with one exception.

I want to have a column that would show a diagram of the structure and its connecting pipes.

Very similar to the attached from a rival bit of software.



Hi @M_c3d,

Technically possible? Yes. Gathering all of the necessary information (coordinates, inverts, flow direction, shape, etc.) shouldn’t be too complicated, but actually creating the table in the format that you want will be tricky. When I look at the above example, my first reaction is that a native AutoCAD table and associated table style is probably not the way to go, unless the row/column layout could be simplified. So then if a native table is not the answer, then it seems like you’d need to create the formatting manually, i.e. create some logic for the table border and row/column lines based on desired heights/widths. Again, it’s doable, but will be a bit of work.

The column format isn’t set in stone, it can be simplified if needed. The main aim is to get the diagram included in one of the columns.

Below is our current diagram with the diagram sketched on