Pipe fittings angle

I need to know the angle of the pipe fittings with respect to the pipe
in this case 0º 90º 180º 270º
what am I doing wrong?

I believe the angle of pipe fittings (or any MEP fitting) is stored in radians, so you should convert all of your degrees to radians.

I get it in degrees but it repeats 90º instead of -90º or 270º

Vector.AngleAboutAxis will report the values from 0-359.9 (360 reports as 0)

Vector.AngleWithVector gives you the values from 0-180 (181 reports as 179).

Thanks JacobSmall, it works better but not entirely. Depending on the direction of the pipe and position it works or not. I guess I’m doing something wrong.

I need help … Any suggestion
Also provides connection direction from MEPOver nodes but nothing

try changing the vector you’re using as the ‘Axis’ to be based off the normal of the plane best for through the start and endpoint if the line of the main pipe and the min and max points of the connector’s bounding box.

Thanks JacobSmall for your interest. I’ve tried almost everything, vectors and normals, nodes, … I combined them anyway (I think), but it doesn’t work for me. Could you be more explicit? Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. I need to know the angle of the pipe fittings with respect to the pipe from the starting point of the pipe.
Thank you very much in advance.

Not sure how your family is built so that there is only one pipe connecting all of these - you may have to attach a model if this doesn’t help.

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Thank you very much for your help and inspire me JacobSmall. The problem in the end was of my families that with “Boundingbox” does not work if I had to do it this way but if it is not for you I would not find where the problem is or how to solve it. Thank you so much

As I get older I have another problem that I already saw that there are many posts but in this case it does not work. I need to split the pipe but if I delete and create another one like in these posts “Split Geometry At a given length” I lose the connection of the “spudperpendicular”.
Can’t cut the existing pipe? or join the spudperpendicular later? With the MEPOver py join the elbows but not the spudperpendicular.
Thank you very very much