Pipe - Concrete Encasement

Hi, i am trying to create a Dynamo graph to add concrete encasement on the pipes that are required based on the Interference Check criteria. But i don’t see the Interference check option on the pipe nodes in dynamo. do you now where i can access them or what approach should i use instead? thank you

An option would be to extract pipe geometry as one list, the structural geometry of interest as another list, and use a Geometry.DoesIntersect node (cross product lacing) to determine if any combination has intersections.

The classes for interference checks are not very well exposed in the .NET API, so it would have to be done with COM. I don’t have time to dig deeper right now, but here is the relevant documentation:


Thank you guys, i will look into it when i have a change. I think it would useful to the Interference check node to be included on Dynamo at some point. I guest it can be done with solid object but it would be many steps to filter the actual pipes and all the information related to elevations, slope, etc. to model a encasement and push it back to cad model view and profile view.

Here is a start for you. It finds which pipes cross each other and the intersection points in 2D, and then further filters by those that violate a minimum separation. The next step would be to create the casings along the pipes that you want (i.e. upper, lower, or both).

PipeCrossings.dyn (62.0 KB)

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Great, thank you Zachri.