Pick up all items (families) that are not on both lists of items

Hello all,
Well, I have two lists:

  1. the first refers to all generic models
  2. the second to only those that have been modified by the routine (nested items).
    What I need to do is to identify in the first list what is not contained in the second list (should be a list of 20 items). Then I want to group these elements (or at least show in some way that they have not been modified).

Does anyone have any suggestions? Thank you very much

Already saw this: Delete elements from one list of elements, that are NOT in another list of elements
Compare list of lists
But It didn’t help much

Check the List.Contains node

I had tested it before (List.Cotains, but without the List. Sort) and it gave me 28 items (like the list in List.SetDifference) … I don’t understand why, but now it apparently works…

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Lacing. :slight_smile:

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